Vitacost Update

Hello everyone! Today I’m reviewing my Vitacost haul for you. I’ve had a chance to try all of the products and can give you an accurate review of everything.

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Organic Spirulina Energy Bars | These were disgusting. There was nothing good about these. I do NOT recommend them lol. They just tasted like green grossness. I do not even have the proper adjectives for this. They are tiny and gummy and have the consistency of a fruit roll up but without the fruity goodness.

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni & Cheese | The hubby said that theses tasted like the cheese was old and had clumped together. The portion size of these is great for children, but not so much for a grown man. He was still hungry after eating these and needed something else to supplement.

Wild Planet Sardines | These were super delish! I’d never had sardines in tomato sauce and these did not disappoint. I will be reordering the tomato sauce ones and trying a couple new flavors too.

Cento All Natural Tomato Paste | This tomato paste has been great! I love having the tube in my fridge for when I just need a tablespoon or two. I just wish the tube were bigger!

Yogi Herbal Tea | I bought two flavors of this one, the Relaxed Mind one, which is delicious and subtle and the Women’s Energy one which had a little too many spices for me. I do enjoy the brand as they come individually wrapped and are organic. I will definitely be looking into other flavors from this brand and do recommend them as they have many options and flavors.

Brown Rice Pasta Shells | These were super great for my husband. He loves pasta and I gave him these without him even noticing that they were gluten free. The bag yields quite a few servings and is perfect for an easy week night dinner.

Walden Farms BBQ Sauce | Okay, so I have mixed feelings about this sauce. I like that it’s calorie and carb free, but the flavor needs a little extra something. It was nice to be able to put some sauce on my chicken, but it needs a little extra juj.

Organic Black Bean Spaghetti | yes, yes and more yes. I love this product so much. Since going grain free, this product still allows me to eat pasta dishes without all the carbs and a little extra protein. This pasta is also great for vegans who are trying to stay low carb. I highly recommend trying this product or any of their bean pastas.

Better than Bouillon Chicken Base | I’m not going to lie, I can take or leave this product. It’s nice to have, but not necessary  and not something that I particularly like over the little bullion cubes. It’s nice knowing that it’s organic, but if I never have it in my fridge again, I won’t be sad about it.

Chocolate Cacao Nibs | OMFG you guys. I wasn’t expecting to like these, but they were AH-MAZING. If you like dark chocolate, you’ll love these. They were perfect for a little midday pick me up and yield way more servings than the suggested amount on the back of the package. These are a re-order for sure!

Vitafusion Prenatal Vitamins | I really enjoy these vitamins. I know that I’m getting the nutrients I need and I find that my hair and nails are much healthier.

The flavor is super nice and makes me feel like I’m eating candy! Find the Best prenatal vitamins and other heath supplements for you on this website.

Spirulina Tablets | Okay, so I’ve been taking these every day, twice a day since they came. I’ve been asked multiple times if I notice any difference since taking them. I don’t. I really, really wanted to notice a difference, but since I don’t, I will probably finish the bottle and then not re-order the product.

Vital Proteins Collagen | Hear me out with this one. I started out taking one scoop  a day in my tea. I didn’t notice a difference at all, so I stopped taking it. Then, one day I got a stomach bug that was going around work and in an effort to replenish my amino acids and aid my stomach, I added this to my tea that evening. I felt a reduction in bloating and gas and felt better. I also notice that if I take this when I have an upset stomach, I start to feel better pretty quickly afterward. There is no weird taste and it dissolves pretty quickly and easily into tea or coffee (I’ve only tried it in hot drinks). If you suffer from stomach issues, I definitely think you should give this a chance.

So there you have it! My follow up on my huge vitacost haul! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought of them.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment over on my facebook page!

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