Steak and Salad


Chicken is delicious and veggie burgers are just fine and dandy – but sometimes you just need a big juicy steak in your life. There are days where I’m sluggish and tired and a large steak does the trick!

We hardly ever buy steak, and when we do it’s never ribeye. This particular week I wasn’t feeling well and felt like I needed some extra iron. My husband suggested we get some steaks and when I asked him what kind he replied “ribeyes, duh!”

Since it was cheaper than going out to eat, I obliged and picked up two large ribeyes. Hubs cooked them on the grill, so I can’t attest to the procedure used since I was inside prepping the salad.

There’s no recipe with this post because you can really make whatever kind of salad you fancy.

If you want a recipe on how to make the perfect steak using just your stove, then click here.

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