Peel and Stick Tiles Review

When we moved to our house, our kitchen cabinets were all black. Our appliances are all black. The walls were beige. Ugh. I couldn’t move into the house with the cabinets in the state they were in. So, my friend and I painted the uppers white. This helped tremendously. Then, my mom and I were waiting for the internet to be installed and we decided to paint the dingy beige walls white. 

But….this created a problem because then all I could see what a sea of white. Which, don’t get me wrong, is better than beige, but it needed…something.

I had heard of peel and stick tiles and decided to order some from Amazon. I went with Tic Tac Tiles in a subway pattern with gray grout lines.

When the arrived I was super excited to get started. I started on a secluded part of the kitchen, where if I messed up, it wouldn’t affect the rest of the walls. This little part was deceivingly easy. I got it done in 30 minutes, and that’s even with a hole for the outlet. 

But guess what. The rest was not as easy lol. There was so much more pressure for the rest of the kitchen because if one tile was messed up, then they all would be. 

I also quickly discovered that my counters are NOT level. Go figure. I had to draw a line on the wall that I knew was level and go from there. Once I got going though it went pretty quickly – until I ran out of tiles LOL. 

Fast forward two weeks and I’d lost the groove I had been in, so it took a minute to get back to where I’d left off. Once I got going though, it took a total of 2 hours to finish. Not bad, if I do say so myself. 

I did come up with some tips and tricks for you along the way!

🔨You don’t need many tools, but you do need patience and a straight line. Don’t rely on your counters. They’re probably not straight.
🔨 Always order more than you think you need. You WILL make mistakes and curse the day you decided to get yourself in to this mess.
🔨 You might have to splice and dice a sheet to get it to fit properly. This is okay, do what you have to do.
🔨 It’s not going to be perfect. This is something you just have to deal with #talkingtomyselfhere
🔨 Don’t be intimidated by outlets. Cutting around them isn’t as difficult as it seems and if you make a little mistake the outlet cover will most likely cover it.
🔨 Measure TWICE and cut ONCE #trustmeonthisone
🔨If you have a spot where you only need a couple rows of tiles for an extended run, use multiple sheets. When you cut one sheet into sections, you lose “grout” lines and end up having naked tiles that don’t line up.

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