Meal Planning with Google Docs

About six weeks ago, I decided to give meal planning a go. I went on Pinterest and started browsing recipes that were suitable for the crock pot because #idonthavetimetocookanymore and #mycreativityisrunninglow. That first week, I chose a bunch of recipes that sounded easy, and tasty. I made a list on Google docs excel and added the ingredients I needed to my Walmart cart.
That week went so smoothly and the dinners were so good, that I kept going.
Here’s what I’ve found about having a plan:
🍽️I have more time to spend with my baby, because dinner is either already done when I get home, or I just have to cook something that’s laid out for me.
🍽️ Less stress. I don’t have to rummage through the kitchen, wondering what to make and then spend 30 minutes making it.
🍽️ We stick to our budget. I have a list, I stick to it and that saves money.
🍽️ Fancier, more homey meals with less effort. When I have to figure out dinner on a whim, we end up eating things that are just meh and I always forget something. Having a plan helps me make more filling dinners that are more well rounded.

Here’s a look at my google doc with my list of the month of October. If you’d like access to it, just leave me a comment and I’ll add you to the document so you can make your own!

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