Low Carb Iced Coffee

Low Carb

I accidentally discovered how to make iced coffee the other day and it is all I want to drink all day every day. It’s so easy and you can make a large batch of coffee ahead of time to use throughout the week.

If you have a Keurig, push the button that says “strong” for your brew. Pour into a container and refrigerate over night. If you do not have a Keurig – you’re out of luck! LOL JK! Just make your coffee as your normally would, but make it twice as strong.

Why are we making it so strong? Because not only are we only going to use half the amount, but we are diluting it.

After your coffee is nice and cold, fill a glass with ice and pour the coffee half way up the glass. Add in almond milk to fill the other half and if you choose, you can add one packet of stevia as well. Give it a stir (I used a knife to stir). You are now ready to enjoy!

You can get a little fancier with some sugar free flavored syrups.

Call yourself “barista” and drink it up!

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