Living Room Inspiration

So, we moved into our house almost two years ago, and I’ve tried every configuration I can think of to make the living room work. By George, I think we finally found one! But, I really feel like we need a few new pieces for the living room to make it complete.

Our living room is dark because we have dark wood floors and wood ceilings as well. I feel like we need some lighter pieces to brighten up the room.

I also really like the elegant/casual vibe that these pieces would add. Like the chair for example – it’s comfy and plush, but the nail heads on the front class it up just a bit. The bookshelf is rustic but totally fits in with the vibe.

Also, can we please take a minute to appreciate that media stand? I saw it in person at the store and it is 10x prettier than in the picture.

I’ve put together a little inspiration board of pieces I’ve found whilst rummaging the interwebs.

Arm Chair | Mirror | Vase | Media Console | Bookshelf

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