Korean Style Beef with Bok Choy | Blue Apron Review

You guys, we ordered Blue Apron last week for the 5th or 6th time and once again, we were not disappointed. I swear, every time we have a delivery, it gets easier and easier to get the meal made in the amount of time that it actually says on the recipe card!

This time we ordered the Korean Style Beef with Bok Choy and it was scrumptious. I always shy away from making Asian dishes at home because they require a bunch of ingredients that I typically don’t have and don’t want to spend the money on for just one meal. Blue Apron gives us the perfect amount of what we need for the recipe and there’s no waste!

This is the way to go for those ethnic meals that I crave.

This particular recipe was super easy and quick to put together. I got it all done in about 25 minutes because I’m so used to Blue Apron’s format. It’s like I know what they’re going to ask me to do next and I know the tools that I’m going to need, which obviously makes the whole process that much quicker.

In case you didn’t know, Blue Apron outlines the whole meal cooking process and has you do steps in a certain order to maximize efficiency. It’s actually really cool and if you’re new to cooking, it’s something that will help you when you’re not cooking from a recipe.

We also go the chicken with kale salad but wasn’t as impressed with that recipe as I was with this one. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but this one just hit the spot for me.

If you’re interested in trying Blue Apron for yourself, I have four FREE boxes to give away! Just send me a message on Instagram (@francesaronhalt) and I’ll get it emailed to you so you can try it for yourself!

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