I Tried It: Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Live G Free Double Chocolate Cookies

Since going gluten free, I know my mom has missed cookies. She has a major sweet tooth and I know it’s been difficult to stay away from the baked goods. So, while I was at Aldi the other day, I noticed their Live G Free brand was on sale so I snatched up the double chocolate cookie mix.

The ingredients were pretty straight forward and all ones that I could pronounce. I was impressed by this instantly. Then, I read what I had to add: 1 egg, oil, and water. Easy peasy.

I got to mixing. I noticed that the mixture doesn’t hold like traditional cookie mix, it’s more crumbly. No biggie, though, I just pressed the dough together into balls with my hands. They baked beautifully, with little spread and scrumptious texture. They were a little soft when I took them out of the oven, but they firmed up after cooling for a few minutes on the counter.

I gave half the batch to my mom who LOVED them! What happened to the other half you ask? Hubby at them all within about 5 minutes time. He didn’t even question them.

I’d definitely buy these again, and in fact, I’d try the cake mix from this brand as well….I have ideas for the vanilla cake mix. Stay tuned for those.

Have you tried this brand? Did you like it? What was your experience with it? Let me know on Facebook.

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