Healthy Convenience Foods

I’ve struggled with convenience foods throughout my adult life. On the one hand I love that they’re quick and easy and ready to go. On the other, I worry about all the additives and extras that are put into them to keep them fresh.

I’m always on the lookout for clean (or at least semi-clean) convenience foods that will make my day to day life easier.

Here is a list of a few of my favorite convenience foods that are clean (ish) and great for people who lead busy lives.

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Tyson Chicken Breast – Available at most grocery stores. There are tons of different varieties available of this product though I stick to the grilled and ready chicken breast strips or oven roasted chicken breast cubes. These are fully cooked and kept in the freezer. They are ready to go at a moment’s notice and can be added to all sorts of recipes including salads!

Green Giant Cauliflower – I haven’t found this at most grocery stores, but I know that they sell it at Target. There are no extra ingredients in this. It is ONLY cauliflower! This is perfect for various cauliflower recipes including riced cauliflower, pizza crusts, and even soup.

Fit & Active Brown Rice – This specific brand is found at Aldi and it is just parboiled brown rice. It cooks in seven minutes in your microwave and is great in a pinch, when you need a quick side dish.

Rice Cakes – I like the lightly salted kind of which the brand doesn’t matter too much. Just make sure that the ingredients are brown rice and salt. You don’t want anything else in there. I use these in place of crackers and bread. Sometimes I’ll make an open face sandwich. Other times I’ll spread some peanut butter or cream cheese on there. They’re a whole grain that’s convenient to grab and go. Plus, it is the perfect gluten free alternative.

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